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Eye makeup brushes explained!

Confused about eye makeup brushes? Hope this blog helps!

1. Blending brush- I always recommend 2 good fluffy blenging brushes, (or one brush and a shadow switch ) to start your eye looks. The ability to blend will take your eye looks from drab to fab!

You use your blending brush to lay your base colour in your crease, and as the starting block to your final look. Your 2nd brush or shadow switch can be used with no product on, to really help blend out any harsh lines you may have once the shadow is on.

2. Packing brush- a good packing brush is used to place the lid colour onto the lid- so you would pick up the colour on the brush, pack it onto the lid, then again use your blending brush to ensure the 2 colours are blended seamlessly together.

3. Detail brush- you would use this small brush to add a darker colour onto your outer third of your lid, if you are wanting to add some definition. And again, go back in with your (clean!) blending brush to blend it all together!

Although I've recommended 3 as a very basic starting point, I would recommend this set from BH cosmetics. I love BH cosmetics brushes, even more so as they are synthetic! Yey! 🤩

This set is budget friendly, pretty and gives you a whopping 12 eye and face brushes to play with! The dense shader brush in this set is what I would use as your packing brush. The rest is self explanatory.

Want some more tip tips?

Dont overblend as this will just turn your shadow into an muddy mess.

  1. The bigger the brush, the larger area you want to work on and vice versa. So if you're wanting to add a dark colour on your outer third, use a smaller brush as this is a smaller area and you need more control!

  1. Hold your brush nearer the end, as this way your pressure will be lighter, which again will help the end result.

  2. Always tap off excess product- too much will just end up making your job much harder. Think less product and just take your time to build up the density to the look you're wanting.

Still confused? Places like pinterest can be great for visuals to help.

Questions? Ping them over!

Vic xx

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