Occasion and Prom Makeup 
Full face: £32 Including standard lashes
Simply Eyes: £22 Including standard lashes

Prom Makeup Trial £35; Prom Day £35

Occasion and Prom Hair

Curls from £20

Hollywood waves £30

Pin-ups £25

Prom Hair prices at £10 additional to the above prices.

Henna Brows and Wax £25

Henna dyes the skin as well as the brow hair, therefore it is perfect if your natural hair is a little on the sparse side! Henna lasts 1 week on the skin and up to 4 weeks on the hair. Waxing included. Patch test required at least 24 hours before treatment.

Telephone consultation

45 minute telephone support to ask as many questions as you like about makeup, hair, products, application techniques anything really! Perfect for those that can't book in with me face to face or just have a few burning questions they've always wanted to ask!

Services on Bank Holidays, Christmas eve and New Years eve

Please note, there is a small increase in prices on these days, as below:

Makeup- £40

Hair- £35

Henna Brows- £35

Face to Face Lessons

Lessons take place at my home studio in Netherthong, Holmfirth. You have the option of me applying the look onto your face, or I will apply half the look and you complete the other half under my guidance. After the lesson I will send you a wealth of product recommendations, and aftercare for as long as you need me!

Learn Your Own Face: Up to 2 Hours, £70

In this lesson you will learn all about the basics of makeup application which will enable you to leave with the confidence to apply your own makeup in the future. Great for those that are new to makeup and wanting to learn how to 'glam' themselves up quickly and easily, or for those that have found themselves in a bit of a makeup rut and want to learn a few new techniques and tips.

You will leave the lesson with a wealth of information including understanding your own eye shape, which products work best for your skin type, understand colour correction/ the colour wheel and specific techniques such as how to contour and highlight. You will also leave with your completed face chart and a list of products used within the lesson. A full face application will be completed, where I will create the desired look on one half of your face and you then complete the other side. I will support you and guide you the whole way so that you can recreate the look within your own home.

Specific Skills Lesson: 1 Hour, £35

In this lesson you choose and area that you want to learn about in detail. Whether that be how to create the perfect base, or how to master that smokey eye, this lesson will enable you to perfect whatever area you choose.  I will demo the desired look, and you can then practice on yourself should you wish. This can also be used as a 'top up' lesson if you've already had a lesson from me and are wanting to learn something different, eg a different eye look.

Express; 1 hour, £35:

A full face is covered, but not in as much detail as a two hour lesson. Perfect for teenagers that are wanting to learn the basics of makeup application, or those that want a lesson but don't feel they need as much detail as a full 2 hour lesson.

Feminisation Makeup Application: 2 hours, £80

A full face application is taught, including essentials such as brow coverage and beard blocking. Techniques taught include contouring and highlighting to feminise the face and create a beautiful finish.

Mature Makeup Application: 1.5 hour, £50

In this lesson we discuss the do's and don't's of makeup application for the over 50's. I will review your current makeup bag, give product recommendations , then demo a simple, fresh look, tailoring it to your individual style. 

Bridal Makeup Application: 2 hours, £80

This lesson is perfect for the bride who wants her wedding morning to be exclusive to her friends and family, or maybe the bride that is getting married away from home and wants to learn how to create a flawless look herself for her big day!

We will discuss products with amazing longevity, application tips and techniques to ensure a flawless finish, and also practicalities such as wedding location (in case the weather/heat needs to be considered) and suggested timings for makeup application to ensure a smooth running, stress-free wedding morning.

I will then complete the look on you, and if you want to apply the makeup yourself I will be there to give guidance.


Online Lessons

Perfect for those that can't physically get to my home studio, or those that prefer to do things in the comfort of their own home, online lessons take place via either Zoom or Skype, therefore a good internet connection is required. Full joining details are sent at the time of booking. The content of the lessons are the same as face to face, and product recommendations/aftercare is also provided.

Please contact me for further details of these lessons.

Braiding Lessons

One to one lessons are available at my home studio  in Netherthong to learn basic and more advanced braiding. The sessions are an hour and you will learn between 3 and 6 styles, depending on your ability. Feel free to bring someone to practice on, otherwise I have dolls heads to demo on and for you to use. Priced at £30.