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I have been privileged to provide makeovers and lessons for the transgender community since April 2018. I regularly attend Leeds First Friday to provide makeup services but can also provide feminisation makeovers and lessons in a private studio in Slaithwaite, near Huddersfield.

Leeds First Friday prices: 1 hour makeover £50, 2 hour lesson £100. These take place in your hotel room, and needs to be a hotel central to the LFF event.

Slaithwaite prices: 1,5 hour makeover £100, 2 hour lesson £130. The makeover session is longer than allocated at Leeds First Friday and allows time for photos to be taken by myself on your device if you wish.

I also offer a feminisation makeover and shoot package with the very talented Nisha Keaton of Your Choice Photography. This includes a makeover and an hour photoshoot which includes two outfit changes. All photos are professionally re-touched and within the week after your personalised shoot you will be provided with a gallery to view and choose your favourite five images to keep. This is priced at £200 and takes place at Nisha's discreet studio in Batley, West Yorkshire.


Please feel free to contact me for more information or just to chat through your own personal needs. 


I recently had my first proper professional makeover and was a little nervous. Vic was such a warm and friendly person she quickly put me at ease. Before starting she asked me what kind of a look I wanted. Being a total newbie I hadn't even thought about it! However the default look I strive for is natural but glamorous, so I asked for that. I struggle to apply eye makeup so asked her to try and emphasise them.


It seamed to me like most of the available time was spent doing my eyes. She carefully applied false lashes which I've never worn before but I found I quickly got used to them. I was delighted with the results and had she been available on the Saturday I would have booked a second appointment!


It was quite a weekend of firsts for me and this was the perfect start. If you have been considering a makeover but have been nervous or reluctant, just for for it- its worth every penny! The look was on an altogether different level; my eyes looked stunning and the contouring and highlighting was excellent.

When I apply my own makeup it almost feels like a disguise to hide behind- a mask to hide my features. Victoria has somehow managed to remove that 'mask'. I can clearly see my own features but somehow 'he ' is gone, leaving the real me staring right back! I have been properly introduced to myself the for first time.

Stella, October 2021

'I first went to Vic for a feminisation makeover back in September and was greeted with a friendly face in a very relaxed environment. She listened to my concerns and requirements and was very reassuring that I wouldn't look 'over the top'. I was so impressed by the feminine touches and her creative inspiration that I felt a million dollars and I was oozing with confidence- something I did lack. But if you look great, you feel great!

I was so impressed by the makeover, I asked Vic if I could have a makeup lesson! I had basic makeup skills but no real makeup technique. I was in need of help and encouragement and lots of answers to what I thought were silly questions, but Vic was more than happy to go through each issues in a way I could understand and it was simply explained!

She helped me find more suitable products that would help my skintone, decluttered my makeup bag of things that I didn't need, and most of all we reassessed that way I apply my makeup and pointed out simpler and better application techniques that would work much more effectively.

I was in no doubt the term 'makeup lesson' was much more than a makeup lesson For me it answered lots of questions, confidence booster and has helped me improved my appearance no end'

Jane, November 2018

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