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Venturing into a new land...

If you follow me on Insta or Facebook you may have noticed I've ventured into the world of online tutorials. This is something I've been inspired to do by other makeup artists I know.

I've always shied away from tutorials- YouTube is awash with them, and the editing and finish on the ones on YouTube are far from what I can do!! But this week I've just thought, sod it!! Give it a go.

And the feedback I've got has been lovely. It would appear that not everyone needs highly edited videos, not everyone needs an American, OTT welcome!! People are just happy to watch, and if they get anything positive from it, that's great.

So if you haven't seen them, I would really love you to have a look and give me feedback. Honestly, I really want feedback. The videos are raw; they have just been sped up and music added. Like I say, I'm not the most technical minded!

But if I know what people prefer, and I can do it, I will!

Looking forward to hearing your views ♡

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