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☆☆☆ Trans feminisation training ☆☆☆

A few months ago I watched a programme about trans women and I was fascinated with their stories and experiences about being trans within today's society. The programme was based on a clinic in the UK where services such as counselling and voice coaching was offered to these women as part of their transition, and I loved to see the confidence and increase in self esteem that these women developed by attending this clinic. It really got me thinking about how I could work within this community, using makeup as a tool to assist in the transition but also to have a positive impact on people's confidence. A quick Google search made me quickly realise that within the area, there are not many makeup artists that specialise in feminization makeup. However, I did stumble upon Born (, which is a service in Manchester which specialises in trans beauty and feminization, confidence and self esteem. I contacted Paul Heaton at Born and booked one of Born's makeup lessons, which also included trans awareness training. So, yesterday was the big day and I absolutely loved the whole session!! Paul is a lovely, super talented man who didn't judge me at all for my lack of knowledge around issues affecting trans women and basics such as terminology. He explained so much to me, and gave me some brilliant ideas and tips for how to engage with the trans community. Jane was our model and was very patient with me as I was learning from Paul then recreating what he had done on her face! And this was the final look, which I have to say I was really pleased with and thought Jane looked gorgeous!

So I'm now really pleased to say I can offer makeup for trans women! I'll be updating my website soon to reflect these additional services and if anyone is interested please see Born's Facebook page And a HUGE thankyou again to Paul and Jane. They've both been amazingly supportive, shared my information within their circles and have just given me the confidence I need to take my training and run with it!

Little selfie of me and Paul♡♡♡

Vic xx

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