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Hooded eyes and Mobile lids!!

Your eye shape can have a huge effect on the way that makeup can look. There are also different techniques that can be used for different shaped eyes. I often get asked about hooded eyes- what they are and what you can do to apply makeup on them,  as they can pose quite a challenge! Basically a hooded eye is an eye where when you are looking forward, your mobile lid can't be seen, or only a small part of it can be seen. So whats the mobile lid I can hear you all thinking?! The mobile lid is the part of your eye that moves when you blink.  And this is why hooded eyes can prove challenging. When applying eyeshadow, pigments, glitter etc, these are often placed on the mobile lid. Now this is fine and dandy if your mobile lid can be seen, but what people with hooded eyes find is that the shadow looks beaut when being applied, but as soon as their eyes open the detail can't be seen at all! Which is really frustrating! I've used today to post this as I'm a little under the weather and tired as I'm not sleeping, and when I feel like this my eyes change from being deep set with a large mobile lid to being hooded. Wierd, I know.  And either wierder that this morning I have one of each! Yep, that's right,  today I'm sporting one mobile lid and I've hooded eye.  Beautiful! So as you look at the pic, the eye on the right is hooded- you can see little mobile lid and if you zoom in you'll see the skin from my upper eye had dropped onto my lower lid. Now compare this to the eye on the left.  This has a much bigger lid space and you can see my mobile lid when I'm  looking straight ahead.

Now imagine putting eyeshadow onto the lid space on each eye. Hopefully you'll be able to see that with the eye on the left you would still be able to see the shadow,  where as it would be hidden on the eye on the right. But don't despair my hooded-eyed-friends! There are techniques that can be used to create a false crease, which in turn gives the illusion of a mobile lid. Now it is a harder technique to master,  but once you've got it you're onto a winner! It's hard to explain, but a quick search on YouTube will help you out, and of course, for those that book appointments with me, next time I see you just ask and I'll show you what I mean! And contrary to what some people think, hooded eyes are beautiful... think Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Kate Moss.... Untill next time, Vic xx ( and my wierd eyelids)

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