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Online booking system!!

What to do on a Sunday one asks.... set up an online booking system of course!!

I've created a Setmore account. This allows you to view my services, prices ,  availability and most importantly, BOOK!!

You can access this via the 'book now' 

button on my website or Facebook page.  If you have a date in mind which isn't available, it's still worthwhile messaging me as it may be that I've booked some time off that I could amend etc.

You're still more than welcome to message me directly for appointments but just wanted to offer another option for those people like me that want an instant response!

☆☆If you are interested in booking  me for your wedding, please contact me before booking your trial so I can confirm I have your wedding date available and go through the booking procedure with you ☆☆

I hope you all like it and it makes things a little easier!

Enjoy your weekend ♡♡♡,

Vic xx

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