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Another little string to my bow...

Some of you will know I never intended to offer hair as part of my business. It just happened as I had my arm twisted to do the bridal hair of a good friend and her bridesmaids. 'On your head be it (excuse the pun) if it all goes wrong!'  I told her. Well it actually went very well on the day.  And so my venture into hair began. Although I've always enjoyed doing hair,  and did hair training alongside my makeup training,  I had no intention of actually offering it as part of my services. But as I did more and more,  and uploaded more pictures onto social media,  more and more hair enquiries started to come in. Now I do LOVE doing hair. But I am mainly self taught. And while there's nothing wrong with this, I always like to have some 'proper'  training so to speak, not only for the opportunity to learn new skills and ask questions, but to show my customers that being the best I can be is super important to me.  And also to help with my confidence! So I've booked onto another hair course which I'll be doing in a couple of weeks. It is only a day, but I really think it'll help to upskill me with the level of hair artistry that I currently offer. Once I've attended I'll be updating my social media, so if you're interested in seeing what I learn keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram pages! Vic xx

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