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Upskilling during lockdown!!

So you've probably noticed my feed on social media has been very hair-dominated recently!! That's because approximately 4 weeks ago I joined the Lisa Alger Hair Academy.

I have paid for online training before, and have paid a LOT for face to face training. Like a LOT!!!

This academy is different- Lisa is invested in helping each and every stylist. She not only uploads numerous lives alongside her standard tutorials in the academy, she has been amazing at responding to my individual questions. In fact, she took the time to do a tutorial based on a style I had asked for help on in the group.

I feel my hair knowledge has grown so much over the past few weeks and although at the moment I can only show this on my (many!) dolls heads, I cannot wait to show these skills off on real life breathing human beings!!

So I apologise for not being as invested in my makeup looks- I still love makeup, still love doing lessons (I had one today which was fab!) but have taken this time to really perfect my hair skills.

This is a selection of styles I've recently done, thanks to the skills I've learnt from Lisa . I hope you all like!!

Vic xx

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