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The half-up ♡

I love this twist on the classic half up, incorporating a pull through braid and twists from both sides.

Half ups are one of my most requested styles, but they don't all have to look the same!!

If you're thinking about a half up, consider the following:

🌸How much hair do you want to take from the front?

🌸What kind of texture do you want at the crown (smooth, textured, lots of height)?

🌸Do you want to incorporate brands? Twists? One both sides or just one?

🌸What kind of curl do you like? (This style showcases a very relaxed, gentle wave)

🌸Will you be wearing all your hair to the back, or pulling some over your shoulders to be visible at the front?

🌸Are you wearing a veil? If so, will you be wearing it all day? If not, do you have something to put into your hair (such as a dainty clip, some flowers, etc) once the veil is removed?

And lastly, don't fall into the common trap of believing a half up as a quick, easy style. Half ups can take the longest to do, as each layre of hair needs to be perfect!

So if you're wanting a quick style that your chosen stylist can do, maybe consider an updo as opposed to a half up.

Half ups generally take me about 40 minutes, whereas some updos can be finished in 20 minutes.

Hollywood waves are a whole different story, but that's for another time!!

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