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Its a Wrap!!

So today I've had my last wedding of 2020! Photos to follow tomorrow of course...

I have huge mixed emotions- I feel so lucky to still have been a part of weddings this year, but listening to brides plans of what would have been to what they have had can be a little sad!!!

These brides have wholeheartedly embraced their 2020 wedding, with some even doing things they would have never even considered should their wedding have been 'normal' (such as heading to the rainy moors in bridal wellies and dress for 'first look' photos- you know who you are!).

I've joked with some brides about heading out to Ikea after the ceremony in their dress, something a little bonkers, but just a little different than heading straight home (strangely, no one took me up on this idea..)!

But what I can say is each 2020 wedding I have done, the excitement and happiness has always been there. There will always be a story to tell in years to come of why people are wearing masks in the ceremony, why some people are sat alone (cheers social distancing!) and why the meal was a chinese takeaway!

So for me, it's a wrap. Thankyou to all my beautiful brides that have allowed me to be a part of their day.

And HUGE congratulations for being one of a very special, very glamerous club- the 2020 bride club!! You all smashed it!!

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