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Beautiful Brown or Bomshell Blonde?

It's a general train of thought that upstyles look better on blonde hair. Dark hair sometimes doesn't have the light and shade that blonde hair has to create real dimension in styles. And I have to admit, at times I do prefer my blonde dolly for showing off some of my creations!!

But I think its unfair to suggest that styles cant look equally as beautiful on darker hair.

To demonstrate this I've shown the same style here on both blonde and brown hair. And I personally think they're both as beautiful as the other! However, if you have darker hair and are concerned that a style may look one-dimensional, there are options, especially if it's for your wedding day!

Having subtle highlights in dark hair can add beautiful dimension to dark hair. They don't have to be blonde, just a lighter colour than your natural colour would still look amazing.

Alternatively, you could choose to buy some clip in extensions, which when added into an upstyle will add a different colour contrast, therefore showing off a style to its best.

If you are considering this, just have a chat to your hairdresser at your next appointment (hopefully soon!!) and they'll be able to offer you their expert advice.

I'd love to hear your views on this style, and what you think looks the prettiest!

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