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Happy 15th Birthday Leeds First Friday!!

Not only is this weekend a four day weekend for most of us, it is also a very special night for all attending Leeds First Friday on 7th April 2023.

For those that may not have heard of Leeds first Friday (LFF), it is a social event held in Leeds city centre on the first Friday of every month.

I was first introduced to this event by Paul Heaton, a fellow Makeup artist from Born consultancy in Manchester and Jane Harrington, one of my now good friends.

I have developed an interest in working with the transgender community following watching a documentary back in 2017. I decided that I would like to expand my makeup skills into this area, And after doing some research found Paul who kindly offered me a feminisation-specific make up lesson.

Roll on to the present day, I have been providing makeover and hairstyles within the transgender community at Leeds first Friday event pretty much every month since then. I have met some wonderful people and heard some fabulous stories. I've also heard some heart wrenching stories. But most of all, I have been accepted into such a wonderful community.

This Friday marks the 15th birthday of Leeds first Friday. Not only that, it is the unveiling of Janie’s memorial bench. Janie Marie Swann was a beautiful lady who coordinated LFF from 2016-2022, who sadly passed away last year. The memorial bench has been organised in memory of Janie, and will be unveiled on Friday at 7.30pm. There will also be speeches, group photos and no doubt a few tears.

If anyone wants to know more about LFF, they can be found on facebook instagram and discord. I’ll be updating my photos with client pics after the event too!

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