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Online lessons

So, were all still pretty much in lockdown. These past few weeks have affected us all so differently, myself included! However, one positive for me has been the development of my online lessons. Had I not been in a situation whereby I can't seen you lovely people, I would never have considered them being a viable addition to my business. How wrong I was! The feedback I have received has been amazing- I enjoy passing on my knowledge, and people apparently really enjoy receiving it! My lessons will continue post-lockdown, as the convenience factor is a huge plus for many people. No matter where you live, if you have internet access you can have a lesson! All details are on my website , with lessons from £20. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch. Until then, please read this lovely review from Jess, who had a lesson with me yesterday: I first saw Vic on a Facebook group called LFF, her makeup looks struck a chord with me instantly, but when she started posting online tutorials, she really stood out. The video was about the makeup and application; but you could sense the warm character behind the screen. When I decided to book her services over zoom, concentrating on a specific area (eye shadow) as soon as she appeared on screen she put me at ease, I can sense this is the case with anyone she would deal with due to her nature. I’m far from new to makeup but, wow, I was about to learn a whole heap of new things. We started discussing what products/brushes I had (a lot!) and went about explaining in detail their usage and what would work best. This wasn’t rushed, the entire exchange was measured and she would calmly explain anything that you didn’t grasp. We went though the look from start to finish and she guiding me through each step, applying the look and giving you a chance to have a go yourself. All this was done at your own pace, as she offered excellent advice throughout. She was also really encouraging, this makes a huge difference. The final look and could concept behind it astounded me, it’s a game changer, with practice it will be so much fun, and very pretty. Vic was really complimentary about my effort which was lovely. You come away from this smiling, with the knowledge to ace the look with practice and a recording of the exchange. To top it off, Vic offers excellent aftercare and product advice, images for inspiration, and diagrams of the procedure. Very, very happy customer and I’ve already booked my second lesson. Highly recommended to anyone, whatever level you see your self at, if you just want to enjoy makeup. Thank you Vic, Jess.

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