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Mature skin and makeup application

'Are you used to working on older skin?' 'I dont normally wear makeup- please just keep it natural' 'I'd like to look like I have makeup on but don't want it to sit in my wrinkles'

These are the kind of things I get asked/said to me when I am booked for more mature ladies. Whether that be mother of the bride or occasion makeup, I find that more mature ladies are often concerned about what I may do to them!!

Luckily, I have had lots of experience with working with different ages and skin types. Even right back to my initial training in 2016, I spent 2 weeks staying with my mother in law, and each night would practice on her and her friends, who are all at the mature end!

Now, when it comes to makeup, I class mature skin as being anything from 25 plus! The reason being from this age onwards, fine lines and wrinkles generally start to appear, and therefore you need to use different products, tools and application to ensure that certain things are enhanced, and certain things (ahem, like wrinkles) are minimised.

And I think this is why mature clients tend to be a little nervous when they come to me. They dont want to walk out feeling caked with makeup; they want to feel beautiful, and just a perfectly enhanced version of their normal self.

Below I've posted some pictures of some beautiful mature clients I've had the pleasure of providing makeup for. Some are super-natural, and some are just that little bit more glam. I think you'll agree that all look lovely.

So if you are wanting to try a professional makeup application, but do feel a little hesitant, just contact the makeup artist and ask them some questions. Look on their makeup portfolio and view their previous work. And just be honest- if there's something you dont like at the end, just say! Makeup can always be changed, and customer service is super-important to me. I actively encourage people to scrutinise my makeup application and let me know what they want to change, if anything. You're paying for a service, so need to be happy!

If anyone would like some tips for working on older skin, just let me know, and I'll happily share.

Vic xx

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