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#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 22- Sketchbooks and lists

Day 22- Sketchbooks and lists I have lists everywhere and I’m a sucker for a pretty notepad! However I didn’t think that would be the most interesting topic to discuss today! Instead I wanted to share this with everyone. It’s something I stumbled upon on Amazon and the reviews were fantastic so I thought, ‘why not?’. It arrived yesterday and on first impressions it looks amazing. If you’re the kind of person who likes to record events and your feelings and then reflect on them, this is the book for you! It’s called the 6 minute diary and the idea behind is it you take 3 minutes each morning and 3 in the evening to jot down the simple things in life that often go un-noticed, to enable you to become a happier, more fulfilled person. Some people will love it, and some will hate it and just find it totally cringe! But personally I’m looking forward to Monday where I can start to use it and see where it takes me. It has weekly questions, goals for the day, positive affirmation sections and sections to record moments of happiness and success. If you’re interested I’d take a look on amazon at the reviews as I don’t have much space here to discuss it further. And did I mention its really pretty??!! Vic xx 

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