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#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 21- Stories- A day in the life

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 21- Stories- a day in the life For today's post I thought is give a brief account of a day in the life of a wedding party! This is beautiful Debbie, her bridesmaids and her lovely mum, and I did all these lovely ladies' makeup for Debbie's wedding last July. The night before a wedding I ensure everything is packed and at the front door waiting to put in the car. It's checked & re-checked: Makeup? Tick Brushes? Tick Lashes? Tick Stool? Tick Light? Tick Consultation sheet for all ladies? Tick Address & phone number? Tick Fully charged phone? Tick Phew!! Then the day arrives. I generally don't sleep the night before a wedding as I have the fear that my alarm isn't going to go off and I arrive late or not at all!! Sneak around the house so I don't wake the dog or annoy the husband too much (!) , re-check kit, have a quick brew and then load everything into the car. Check address and the 'getting ready' venue ( I have once, and just the once, turned up at a brides house only to realise as the groom welcomed me that I was indeed ment to be at the wedding venue!! Eek! I have well and truely learnt the hard way there! Luckily I had plenty of time so everything was fine thank goodness!). I aim to arrive 15 minutes before I'm due to start my first lady, so I have time to set up and sort the lighting etc, but I'm often earlier as I like to allow extra travel times for the 'just in case' events that may happen! Once I'm set up, I'm directed by the bride. I'm happy to work in whatever fashion is needed and more than happy to work around hairdressers etc. I've even done a couple of weddings where half the bridal party are getting ready in one location and I then travel to another location for the rest! Once all ladies are done it's top-up time- a safety coat of lippy or some more blush. Then once everyone is happy, I'll pack up & disappear! Alongside the makeup I also have a few more roles, from dresser, to photographer, to mentor! I've even been known to cut people out of their clothes before! Then home to wash brushes... the less fun part!! I hope you've enjoyed this little insight and maybe it's answered some questions ♡♡♡ Vic xx 

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