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#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 14- Dreams and Plans

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 14- Dreams and Plans Sorry I'm a little late ... again!! Ironically I didn't have time to post last night as I was having a fantastic meeting with someone that is going to help me work towards achieving my dreams and plans! I have plans... many plans... to drive my business forward. Some of them I have shared (for example my makeup workshops I'm going to be doing hopefully on a monthly basis) and some that for now I need to keep under my hat! But essentially, no matter what cloak my plans and dreams wear, they have all been developed for the same outcome- to help me continue to help other people feel confident and happy☆☆☆ Makeup application is an art and a skill. But I believe, for me, it is the additional skills that I have that really compliment the actual artistry which is where my passion lies. I have always worked with people, ever since leaving university, and often these are quite vulnerable or have been disadvantaged. I love to help and support people, and guide them along the path to believe that they are worthy of a happy and full life. Since I've been in the makeup world, I've realised that there is certainly a similarity in the skills that are needed. Obviously there are huge differences, but essentially someone is putting their trust in me to alter the way they look to the outside world, and the impact this can have on someone's confidence and self esteem is priceless. My ultimate dream however, is just to be happy and healthy. I'm quite a simple character really, ambitious, but also at my most content under some canvas in the great outdoors with the people I love. If I can continue with this for the rest of my years, my dreams will be achieved. Today's next instalment will be Boomerang- when I've found out what that actually means!!!  

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