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#marchmeetthemaker Day 1 (a little belated)

#marchmeetthemaker After recieving some sad news yesterday I decided not to post the first day of #marchmeetthemaker. So today here is what should have been yesterday's post. This is me, Victoria Marley - or Vic to most. I'm 37 and the proud owner of Victoria Marley Makeup Artist, alongside also being the accountant, admin, website maintainer, social media coordinator, events planner, networker ..... you get the picture!! I've danced since a young age (more of that on day 3!) and love everything theatre- performing, watching- if there's jazz hands involved, I'll be there!! I've always been passionate about ending animal cruelty, and do what I can in this area. A big change for me was going pescatarian in 2008, and then vegan in 2015. This goes hand in hand with using cruelty free products around the home, as well as in my makeup kit. I financially support companies such as the Naturewatch Foundation and Viva, and also love to help anyone that is interested in making the cruelty free/vegetarian/vegan transition, or even those that don't want to transition but are just interested! Over the next 29 days you'll get to learn a whole lot more about me and my business. So if you're interested, I'd love you to keep popping by! My next post will be this evening, as today is technically day 2. Vic xx 

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