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Wedding Number One!!

Tomorrow I have my first wedding of the year and I can't wait!! I've just been getting my makeup and hair kit ready and planning the day in my head.

A wedding day is without a doubt, one of the most important days in any woman's life... but it's pretty important for their makeup artist too! It's actually a huge responsibility to do the makeup and hair for a bride and her bridal party, and while I absolutly love it, I always get 'Wedding Morning Nerves' when I'm on my way to a wedding venue. As a makeup artist you know that if you get it even slightly wrong, it could ruin the start of the brides big day... Eek!! No pressure!!

Even though I check and re-check my kit the night before, check the address, start time etc, I'll catch myself worrying every time on the drive over that I've forgot something important. But so far, I've never had any disasters.

All the nerves and worry disappear once I arrive at the venue and meet the bride-to-be. I step into professional mode and deliver the best service I possibly can- which often includes settling the Bride's nerves- whether that be with my incessant chit-chatting or a large glass of wine- whichever the bride prefers! Getting caught up in the excitement and happiness is one of the best feelings, and is why I love my job so much. 

So keep your eyes on the lookout for the start of my 2018 bridal gallery, starting tomorrow! And wish me luck! 

(Picture of the beautiful Abbie and her new husband. This was my last wedding of 2017.)

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