• Victoria Marley

Mink lashes? No thankyou! Easy alternative? Yes PLEASE!!!

Ok...so I have a confession to make. I love mink lashes. Like, LOVE them. They way they look on the eye is just amazing. 

However, I never use them due to the fact thats it's essentially wearing fur, and no matter what companies say, 'Cruelty free' mink lashes just do not exist. 

Mink are not meant to be kept in cages day in day out and their coats extracted by various methods just for vanities sake. So I was SUPER excited to read this hack last night, and as soon as I've come home tonight have given it a whirl. And oh my. Oh MY! This simple technique certainly does make lashes more voluminous and fluffy...YEAH!! I can't wait to try a pair on my next clients and on my own eyes of course but tonight it's a little too late and falsies don't really go with a dressing gown and slippers!! Just had to share this little tip!! 

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