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Holiday Makeup Essential!

Being a proper yorkshire lass, I dont like to spend much money on my own makeup 🤣 so last week I picked up this little palette at the counter of Primark , reduced to £2 (cruelty-free and vegan of course)!

Well, I LOVE it and its going to be a fab staple for my holidays (where again, being proper yorkshire we only take hand luggage- pay for luggage in the hold? Are you mad?!!) It's got everything- the top right is a lovely sparkly gold which I've used pretty much all over the lid. The bottom right has been used for a pop of highlight on the lid, inner corner of the eye; brow bone, end of nose, cheekbones and cupid's bow. I've used the bottom left as an all over bronzer/contour shade and didn't use the top left for anything in this look- but again it could be used pretty much anywhere!!

So when I get little gems like these I like to share so you can take advantage too!

If you can get this palette I'd definitely recommend picking it up, as its an absolute steal in my opinion!

Vic xx

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