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Hair Prep and Styles

Yesterday on my social media I posted a hairstyle which had been created in a short time- perfect for when time is of the essence!

In contrast, there are these kind of styles that take much, much longer!!

Hair prep and styling can be super time consuming, so it's really helpful when contacting me about styling your hair that you have an idea about the style you want. This is especially important when the enquiry is for a bridal party.

If I know the type of style you want, this can really help me give an idea of whether I can do the whole job or whether a second stylist would be needed, and also give you approximate timings and start time.

As you can see from these pictures, there is a lot of time needed for this style, and this is after the hair has been prepped!

So if this is the kind of style you like, please bear this in mind. If you'd like me to forward you a selection of quick styles when you make your bridal enquiry, please let me know and I'll happily forward them on.


Vic xx

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