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Have I been Facebook-scammed by the promise of an AMAZING foundation?

Recently I've been noticing a new foundation all over Facebook, promising the world- a soft matt, long wear, naturally flawless, oil controlling, lightweight, full coverage, supermodel attracting- no wait, that was my little addition... anyway you get the picture. A fab foundation with a small price tag. 

So one night, a good few weeks ago, I actually got hooked and thought sod it- I'll try it. The cruelty free and vegan status sold it for me, and before I knew it I'd swiftly ordered 3 colours- porcelain,  sand and nude.

I then promptly read a few reviews that stated they'd ordered from the seller and never recieved the products. So I put it to the back of my mind and actually forgot I'd ordered them.

That was until tonight- when they arrived

So I've had a little play. It's late, I'm getting ready for tomorrow's wedding and frankly I'm ready to watch an hour of rubbish on the TV then go to bed. BUT... I still really want to play. And share!! So... here you go. First of all, they come in cute 30ml bottles that have a handy pump dispenser that you can lock and unlock- perfect for when you're travelling so you don't loose product

I mixed porcelain and sand together to take me from this:

To this:

I then used a bit of the natural shade (which is actually really quite dark!) to contour and added a bit of mascara, bronzer and some eyebrows to make me look a little less scarey:

Verdict? So far...I actually really love it!! 

The coverage is quite heavy, yes  but this is the selling point. It is marketed as covering a whole host of skin ailments such as rosacea and acne. 

Now I'm lucky that I finally, at the age of 39, have nice skin (this has not been the case for a lot of my adult life!!) so foundations do sit nicely on my skin these days. But if you're interested, I'd certainly say give it a try.

So the foundation is made by a company  called Phoera and can be found here on their website. Prices are in dollars but I think I paid about £25 for all 3 shades.

If you do give it a try let me know what you think. Now I'm off to wash it all off and get tucked in for the night! 

Thanks for reading,

Vic xx

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