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#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 27 - Recommend a maker

Day 27- Recommend a maker I really want to use this post to give out a bit of appreciation for other makeup artists that have , through the kindness of their own heart, impacted me and my journey and actually taught me a few things about business but just mainly about the kind of person I want to be. Firstly, Sarah Shaw of Sarah Shaw Makeup. Sarah works in Amour in Slaithwaite and is amazing at what she does. When  I started to work in a salon just over the road from her, I didn’t know her at all, but over the past year all she has shown me is kindness and support. I harass her with questions about kit, training, or just if I’m having a bit of a wobble, and she always helps me. She has referred clients onto me, and has shared her tips and tricks of building a client base. To say we’ve only actually met once ( and that was at a wedding that she asked me to do with her) I truely value her friendship. So thankyou Sarah xx Lucy from Daft as Makeup Brush. This lovely lady came to speak to me at my first ever wedding fayre last year, which was huge and hectic! There was no animosity from her which I think I expected as we were both essentially there trying to gain the same customers. We ended up meeting afterwards and have kept in touch, again just sharing what’s going well for each other and just so we have another ’makeup pal’ to bounce off! Lucy is currently undergoing more training to take her into the film and TV industry, and I just know she’s going to be fab. And lastly, Sarah Issacs. We’ve only just really made contact with each other, but already we’ve had some lengthly chats! Sarah is a brilliant makeup artist and is based at a salon in Bradford, but is from the Colne Valley. So if you’re near there, give her a shout! Vic xx 

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