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#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 24-Achievements

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 24- Achievements I am proud- very proud- of how I’ve built my business so far. It certainly hasn’t been easy and I have had moments where I’ve thought of leaving it all behind, but if I feel like this I just take a momentary break and come back when I’m back to feeling like me! So to be honest my main achievement is that Victoria Marley Makeup Artist is still very much here and still very much growing! Obviously I’ve have specific achievements which I’m proud of, such as the time my work was published in RION magazine, allowing me to call myself a ‘published makeup artist’; the time I got my first ever bridal booking; the time I reached out for the first time to a local photographer and just put myself out there and offered to do makeup for one of their shoots; the time I learnt how to do a proper cut crease (if you know, you know!!)! But honestly, I feel a sense of achievement every day, whether that’s just through getting a new booking, meeting another makeup artist and bouncing off each others’ ideas, or the thing that really makes me proud as punch, getting a message from a client the day after telling me how much they loved the makeup and the whole experience that comes along with it. It’s the little things that matter to me to be honest. Tomorrow is ‘Being a maker means’. I hope some of you are still enjoying reading these- don’t forget to let me know!! (Ps... I've skipped day 23. It was hands at work and I didn't think it was relevant to me) 

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