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#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 18- Inspiration

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 18- inspiration Many things inspire me. I avidly follow other makeup artists on Instagram and you tube. I follow local makeup artists and am often inspired by their work to keep going. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many other like-minded people in this business who have their ' Day job' and then plough all their spare time into their side business, doing what they love. Their dedication and determination inspire me. I've been given so much advice and help by people along my journey who are just doing it out of the kindness of their heart- they inspire me hugely. But the thing that inspires me the most is happiness and people who see the good in every situation. I can't be around negative places or people so distance myself from these. Like most people, I have pangs of self doubt almost every day. Some days more than others. I've had periods where I constantly compare myself to others, but I'm learning to curb that as I've realised while it's good to have someone to look up to, comparing myself to them generally doesn't help!! That's why I've posted this little pic. And from now on I'll only be watering my hearts sprouts!!  

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