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#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 9-How it's made

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 9- How it's made I have been thinking about how I could illustrate today's theme and what it means for my business. I could have discussed the bridal trial process or the order that a makeup application tales place. But I thought it would be a great opportunity to discuss exactly what it says- how makeup is made and the processes related to it- specifically with regards to animal testing. People that know me know me- or have read the start of meet the maker- know that I am passionate about avoiding animal cruelty. All the brands in this pic- and this is in no way exhaustive- are cruelty free. I cannot comprehend why some companies such as MAC, Lancome, Estee Lauder, L'Oreal etc still feel the need to test their products on animals, which is such an outdated, unnecessary process. Many companies no longer support this and it is those companies that get my business! I'm also surprised about how many people don't know that the big brands still support testing on animals. Basically, if a company sells to China, they support testing on animals. Simple. No matter what they may say to justify this, it is plain and simple. So please, next time you pick up your MAC foundation, or Estee Lauder double wear, just think about what's happened before you bought it for you to use it, and whether you think it's ok. Hope I've not been on my soap box for too long today 😁 Tomorrow- day 10- is 'Time to Relax' My favourite time!!

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