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#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 5- Photography

#MarchMeetTheMaker Day 5-Photography Ahhhh photography.... what a love /hate relationship I have with you! Aside your skill level, the ability to take a photo with good lighting and a good backdrop can be the difference between your makeup looking drab to it looking fab! The amount of times, especially in the early days, where the photos I took just did not do the actual makeup any justice are too many to count! Luckily in my home studio I'm now set up with a pretty backdrop and a decent ring light so my pictures do look much more like the makeup does in real life. However when I'm then out either in the salon or at weddings I'm generally stuck again trying to get the perfect angle- cue me squatting in front of my clients moving around avidly and taking shots with the flash, without the flash, with the flash, without the flash, with the flash..... This is another reason why, if you book me for a wedding I'll generally ask you if you mind me taking a couple of the professional shots for my portfolio, so I can show you in all your beautiful glory! One day I'd love to get a proper camera and not just use my phone camera, but this is another £500-plus that I just don't have at the moment. This picture is when I was the hair and makeup artist for a very talented photographer Jodie Beardmore, and also ended up being the photographers assistant! I've had the pleasure of working with some brilliant photographers over the past year and looking forward to working with some more over the next! Tomorrow- 'workspace' Vic xx 

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