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Busy Season!!

Wow... I've just come to write a blog post, seen the date of my last post and can't quite believe where time has gone! I only thought it had been a couple of weeks but it seams its been a little while longer!

So, needless to say I've been really busy recently, providing makeup and hair services to some beautiful brides, their bridal parties and some beautiful young ladies for their proms. With being busy, and with the knowledge of plenty more weddings coming up this year, I've recently realised I've been neglecting my own personal development. As someone who is continually striving to improve at what I do, I'm really excited to say I've got some more training in the pipeline.

In a couple of weeks I have a one to one sesion with Mitchell- an 18 year old MUA for Manchester. For those of you that don't know him, hop over the his instagram account (@mmmmitchell) to see his AMAZING work. He is absolutly fabulous at what he does, and while I'm under no illusion that I will advance to his talent after just one training session, I'm hoping that I will certainly pick up some tips and tricks to get a little nearer to his skill level!

In August I have also booked a weeks online course with the P Louise Academy ( A similar style to the looks Mitchell produces, these looks are quite heavy, but beautiful! I've always been a bit unsure of online courses where you are learning something practical, and I can only reflect on the tuition I had while completing my training at North East Make Up Academy (NEMUA) in Teesside- if I hadnt have had the watchfull eye of Lisa, Vicky and Marielle, who knows what some of my looks would have turned out like! However, since then I have done some short online training tutorials which have certainly been worthwhile, so I think having my practical training as a foundation will enable me to learn additional skills through an online course.

So watch this space! Once I have done my training I will be offering discounted makeup applications to try out some of these looks, so if it something you're interested in, you know where I am! I'll be posting some of my training looks on my Facebook account (Victoria Marley Pro Make Up Artist) and Instagram account (victoriamarley_mua) so keep your eye on these if you are interested to see what I produce. This is just a little look I did last night which is my current version of what the P Louise Academy looks are like. I'm expecting this to change somewhat over the next few weeks... fingers crossed!!

Thanks for reading, hopefully it wont be too long until my next post,

Love, Vic xxx

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