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Personal Branding Session

I recently replied to an advert looking for a makeup artist to work on photoshoots for a local photographer. Little did I know that it would lead to another exciting door opening for me and that I would meet a lovely and talented photographer in the process!

Nisha Keaton is the Owner and Photographer at Your Choice Photography. Based in Batley, West Yorkshire, Nisha provides a whole host of different services, including weddings, beauty portraits, family photoshoots and personal branding sessions.

As well as being a photographer, Nisha also styles her clients and does their hair and makeup. Often, if there is more than one person, this can be quite time consuming and this is what led Nisha to advertise for another makeup artist to help her on shoots of 2 or more people.

Nisha and I met, and my 'interview' was to apply Nisha's makeup, so that she could assess my skill level and also see how I interact with clients. The next day, Nisha told me that she would love to have me on her team, an part of her 'welcome' was for me to have my own personal branding session!

Obviously for this session I needed to make sure my makeup was perfect, as here I was selling my own product! I wanted a look which wasn't too over-done, but also not too natural. I decided on a soft smokey eye, winged liner and natural lips. This is what it looked like just before I set off for my session:

Now, believe it or not, put me in front of a camera, alone, and I am not the most comfortable of people! Put me in a group, or in a natural setting, and I am a happy bunny, but alone? In front of a camera? No thankyou. So I knew this is where I would get to see Nisha's ability to put her clients at ease!

I had my personal branding session about 4 weeks ago and loved every minute. Nisha was great as giving direction and making me feel comfortable. She was able to suggest a range of different poses, and even provided me with some fabulous dresses to wear. She had also just finished making a hand-made tu-tu, which as soon as I saw it I just knew I had to wear! Luckily for me Nisha was more than happy for me to play..ahem wear it for my session! Not long after I got to choose my five favourite images, and I selected the images below:

I am so looking forward to working with Nisha and her clients in the future. Nisha is a lovely lady, passionate about what she does and her main goal is to make her clients feel as at-ease and beautiful as they can. Nisha can be found at www.yourchoicephotography.com where you can read about her packages and view her work, and she can also be found on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook where you can read her glowing testimonials.

I hope you like the finished results! If you're interested in having a photoshoot, or having me apply your makeup for any occasion, get in touch!

Vic xx

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